Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy how to collect, save, use, protect, and delete (by user request) user's personal information. The personal information concerned is the information which considers related to the user and definition about him/her.

It is important to read and accepts this privacy policy and we are in Sandebad appreciate your trust and will be very careful how to handle and use your personal information.


Request Data deletion

You can request your data to be deleted at anytime by submitting a request using contact us form at following URL:
Our team will receive and process the request.

Any fake information’s from unknown sources will not consider because it is invalid to collect personal data. So, users web site have accepted data collect in any way for example use mobile, or email, or cookies files or buy and sell or any other way as giving us any information is a permutation for us to process this data through privacy policy conditions.

Any adjustments in the privacy policy are valid from the date of publishing it at the web site, then continue using web site consider accept of it. So, we want users to take look at any adjustment in the privacy policy from time to time.


Information’s protection

-          Provide us information is acceptable to transfer this data where we take all necessary procedures to protect and save the information and don’t disclose any of it in any illegal way we can only disclosure about personal information if there is a court order or others legal institutions order.


-          You have to choose a strong password that includes numbers, letters, and symbols.


-          To pledge don’t use your personal information we hope from you don’t share user name or your password with any person and be sure to sign out from your account after every use.


-          All personal information will be encrypted.


-          Please report the customer service team if you doubt any account hacking and change the password directly.


Personal information's share


The personal information is an important part from our word we try to improve services, our customers support service team always collect and monitoring any illegal activity, or collect your notice and comment for marketing, we don’t sell any personal information for any other party but we supply third part of some information to complete purchase process or buying that’s for example share information with delivery companies or selling stores or transfer companies or banks.


-          We care about information secrecy which gives to us when we get legal order for disclosure as count of law order or any court of justice we should disclosure because of our law commitment or when we thought disclosure about personal information could protect form any physical or body damage can happen under any suspicious activity or violation for terms of use or to protect any of our users.


-          After sign in and registration on the app & website and clear accept to give us delegation to send promotional messages, if you don’t want please edit the setting to stop promotions.


-          Your reviews will be displayed for any product you purchase or sell and user general info will display with his other reviews.


-          We are not responsible for the privacy level for links of other web sites could be shown on our web site. So, the user should read the privacy policy in these web sites which switch for their web sites by links before sign up.


Using and editing personal information's


     1. Please be sure that you give us the right information and edit or correct them if any wrong happened or any of them change by sign in to the account or call the customer service center. We like to announce to you that we save your personal information through the legal period when you use the app & web site or after sign out for technical support of any legal investigation in fraud to take legal procedures in law.


      2. cookies files used from our web site is like many web sites that device needs to know user device and transfer for device by a group of small files to understand which categories user like and help us to improve the web site without finding out your personal information you can delete cookies files from your device in any time.